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Planet Gula is a Real-Time Strategy Game with no-micromanagement for smartphones, tablets and PC. It is a unique combination of RTS + MOBA and Tower Defense, inspired by:

  • Castle Fight (~Warcraft 3 custom map),
  • Dota2 and League of Legends (currently released games).
The main goal is to beat your online enemies in multiplayer mode. You can explore the map, which contains Fog Of War, build your own Sludge mines, Towers and Secondary Bases and even choose your own tactics! You can also produce troops, re-group them, guard important places and/or send your troops to the enemy using your ideal tactical path!
During combat, you can react quickly by choosing different defense methods via Mutations and LevelUps to beat your enemy and be declared the winner!



In 2012, Jiří Nývlt successfully completed his bachelor thesis, on the "2D Java Strategy Game, WarPaths". The game design was based on the principle that each player must defend themselves using different types of units, including tanks and helicopters, which can be sent to the enemy on a single-line. The principle of the game is to break down micromanagement, which is used in traditional real time strategy games (ie. highlight a group of units and send them to the enemy).

This background gives rise to an extension, wherein not only 1x enemy, but many. The map is implemented using a complete graph where individual players can send their units to the next node in the graph, hence the enemy.

This leads to the first simple map, "Debug Fight", which implements by 1x line (Player ~~~~~ Enemy) and then extends with "mid-point" (Player ~~~~~ mid ~~~~~ Enemy), which can lead to a battle.

Gula v0.10 (prototype)

The original concept started out as a graph with multiplayer concepts and sending units to different locations. This gave way to multi-player mode. The successful thesis resulted in (warpaths-v1) with gradual refactoring changes to "gula-v0.10" with a number of enhancements, new game concepts, focusing exclusively on real time strategy multi-player game.

Sequential wrapping of the basic skeletons led to the following units (melee, ranged, healer, wizard with unique properties), buildings (a main-base, gold mine, the tower) and maps (1v1, 2v2), necessarily for RTS.

The main game mechanics and overall game concept began to take shape.

Planet Gula (the game)

The project is indie-studio, Straitjacket Entertainment's premiere release. The collaboration includes efforts from Jan Šmíd and Marek Vaškeba, who have been regarding the game’s mechanics and graphics, including an in depth design of the game as well as the game's roadmap. Three unique races have been created: "Animalists", "Herbamasters", "Waterlords".

The evolution of Gula means that it now looks like a real RTS game instead of a prototype. This includes creating the concepts of level-up units and mutations as part of the game's mechanics, which increases flexibility and adds enjoyment to the battles. Also, maps for 2-6 players in multiplayer mode have been created, so the game can be played over the Internet or LAN. Singleplayer's campaign missions have also been created, so the game can be played stand alone.


  • Real Time Strategy game.
  • 3x different Races, each with 6x unique units.
  • Multiplayer: Online(~Internet) or local (~LAN).
  • Singleplayer: Challenging Campaign.
  • UI and Controls are adapted for touch devices.


Teaser (Alpha version)
Available: Youtube.
Gameplay: multiplayer (map: t-ricko)
Available: Youtube.
Gameplay: multiplayer (map: origin)
Available: Youtube.



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About Straitjacket Entertainment

Straitjacket Entertainment is an independent game studio based in Brno, Czech Republic. Now we are working on our first game "Planet Gula", which is a platform independent real time strategy game.

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Planet Gula Credits

Jiří Nývlt
Development, Straitjacket Entertainment

Jan Šmíd
Development, Straitjacket Entertainment

Marek Vaškeba
2D Artist, Straitjacket Entertainment

Marek Budík
2D Artist, Freelancer

Michal Poul
AI Development, Freelancer

Viktor Smutný
Music, Freelancer

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